Dreading 2020? Zebra's Application Migration Services To The Rescue

April 25, 2016

Dreading 2020? Zebra's Application Migration Services To The Rescue 

Zebra's Application Migration Services

It should come as no surprise that 15 million mobile computers have been sold and deployed since 2010. But would you believe that 99 percent of those are on an Operating System that will no longer be supported by 2020? That means twelve billion dollars worth of mobile computers will need to be refreshed over the next four years! To meet this growing need, Zebra Technologies has launched a comprehensive set of Software Application Services that offers end-to-end help on IT issues like modernizing legacy applications to support the latest mobile operating systems and developing next generation mobility strategies. If mobile device hardware, operating systems, or CPU or WLAN connectivity are limiting your ability to support your business and operational needs, Zebra’s new services will solve for that.

The Application Services allow customers and partners to future-proof their application development platform and be more productive by eliminating the need to troubleshoot third-party application support issues that cause unnecessary downtime and unproductivity. The hardware running business critical applications will be supported beyond 2020 with software application services covering the entire software life cycle.

Zebra’s new portfolio of tools and service offerings will ramp up customers on next generation devices and redefine mobility strategies for those devices, operating systems, and business applications. Some of the specific offerings of Zebra’s Application Services include:

  • App Virtualization: Zebra’s App Virtualization allows legacy Windows applications to run without modification on next gen mobile environments with a modernized user experience. This is ideal for large applications and customers with large application portfolios. This accelerates time-to-market, lowers costs, and reduces risk relative to an application rewrite.
  • User Experience Prototyping: Zebra developers can create a functional user experience that is delivered within days, helping customers define what their application should look like and how it will work.
  • App Migration: Zebra can help customers re-envision, re-engineer, and rewrite apps to run on a modern OS, which maximizes productivity and reduces the cost of maintaining old software. Zebra also offers LaunchPad, an online open-source community where developers can connect and share ideas.

Zebra’s new services take the pain out of modernizing mobile environments while maximizing business productivity. Zebra is excited to offer these new services that will help guide our customers and partners through quick and smooth migrations toward successful business outcomes.

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