Existing Firebug RM Customers: How To Upgrade To Firebug EXT

October 27, 2017

Existing Firebug RM Customers: How To Upgrade To Firebug EXT

Once you’ve had the chance to familiarize yourself with all the extended capabilities and benefits of Firebug EXT, odds are you’ll be ready to make the jump to the new platform. After all, Android is the leading OS - with staying power well beyond Windows Mobile’s limited life span. Not to mention, the ability to inspect and record numerous additional devices.

 It’s new look and features are enough to win over any veteran Firebug user. But you may be asking yourself what the path to this upgrade would look like. Your General Data account manager will be happy to walk you through the process as it applies to your specific application of the tracking solution. But here’s a great overview of what you can expect.

  • Work with your account manager to determine the right mix of new hardware, including your choice of Android based tablets and handheld mobile computers. Our team will configure and test your devices prior to shipping them direct to your office.
  • A database backup will be scheduled, during which the old system will be disabled. For this window of time, you will not be able to add any new data.
  • Our service team will import that data into the new system – this could take anywhere from 4-16 hours, depending on the amount of data.
  • Upon the completion of the install and transfer of data, training will be scheduled to bring you up to speed on the new features and capabilities.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the process to transition from Firebug RM to Firebug EXT will be seamless for you and your business. When you’re ready to take your safety device inspection and recording capabilities to the next level, we will be here.

Contact us today for more information on Firebug EXT and your upgrade options today!

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