General Data Secures Partnership with Extreme Networks

January 6, 2017

General Data Secures Partnership with Extreme Networks

As you may already know, Extreme Networks has recently acquired Zebra's Wireless LAN business. To ensure that our current customers are supported through this transition, General Data has secured it's partnership with Extreme Networks. We are happy to announce that we are a Silver Partner, allowing us to continue to provide exceptional customer experiences. As an Extreme Networks Silver Partner, General Data is able to provide significant value to your networking needs, helping companies build for today and tomorrow by improving efficiency and output with advanced wireless technology. 


Rely On General Data's WLAN Experts For A Reliable Wireless Network Infrastructure

Reliable, uninterrupted communication between your mobile devices, networks and host applications is vital to the success of your deployment. General Data's wireless network infrastructure installation and support experts take the worry out of your wireless network. We are industry leaders in the design and deployment of wireless networks, with installations in large multi-site facilities and small warehouses across the US. Our experienced network of professionals will help you overcome site challenges, spectrum limitations and deployment risks.

Our team of experts are able to provide: 

  • A comprehensive site survey to define the quantity and location of access points for the desired WLAN coverage
  • Installation and cabling of access points on-site
  • Device testing to confirm connectivity and coverage
  • Support, audit and troubleshooting in case of performance issues



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