GHS Solutions - 3 Questions to Ask Before Starting

June 1, 2014

GHS Solutions - 3 Questions to Ask Before Starting

GHS solutions are on the minds of many operations, compliance and safety managers. Deadlines are looming and most companies are compiling budgets for - or even starting - GHS compliance initiatives within their organizations. As one of the most critical GHS-compliance projects involves product labeling, many companies that we work with are asking us the same question: how do we get started with choosing the right label printing system?

Start with these three questions

The best way to start a GHS label printing project involves first asking and answering the following three questions:

  • What are my GHS labeling requirements?
  • What label printing methods do I currently have and use?
  • What do I need for to print GHS-compliant product labels?

What are our labeling requirements?

Successful GHS labeling starts with a complete understanding of your requirements. For example, what types of products and containers (and how many) need to be labeled? Other questions to ask include:

  • How many products need GHS labels?
  • What types of containers need to be labeled?
  • How will they be used or handled?
  • Any special GHS compliance considerations (ie. BS5609)?
  • What is your projected label volume?

What GHS label printing methods do I currently have and use? 

Next, do an audit of your existing label printing equipment, systems and processes. Depending on your labeling requirements, you may be able to use or re-purpose some of your existing label printing equipment.

What do I need for to print GHS-compliant product labels?

Once you understand your requirements and have a good picture of what equipment and systems you currently have available to you, you can then start to determine exactly what additional label printing equipment, components or systems you may need to effectively print and use GHS-compliant labels. Be sure to address all the necessary components of a GHS label printing system:

  • printers
  • labels
  • printer supplies
  • software
  • service plans.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” GHS label printing method or solution. What works best for one company may not be right for your specific requirements. At General Data, our value is that we help companies figure all of this out. Instead of “pushing” just one type of label printing solution, we help our customers get a good understanding of what they have and need to do in order to print GHS-compliant product labels for their specific requirements.

The best strategy to assess your GHS system needs

We advise our customers that their best strategy is to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the different printing methods for GHS labels, using usage data and metrics from their operations and your specific needs criteria. Having an accurate TCO number will give you a clear picture of which systems and options are best for your company's operations.

GHS Labeling Systems Buyers Guide

Want to know more? Our GHS Labeling Systems Buyers Guide includes detailed information on all the different label printing technologies, plus an easy to follow nine-step plan that will help you get started.

General Data - Your unbiased GHS labeling expert

Are you currently budgeting for a GHS labeling system for your company? Do you want unbiased advice on the different GHS label printing methods available, and which one is right for your requirements? Our GHS labeling systems experts are available to help you understand your requirements and evaluate your options in order to have a complete GHS labeling system that will deliver maximum return on your investment.