Increase Your Efficiency with the Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

October 22, 2015

The success of businesses depends on how the respective companies leverage their resources, especially technological advancements. An example of this is the development of the smartphone – from merely being a tool for communication, the smartphone (and other related gadgets such as tablets and wearables) is now considered as a tool to enhance efficiency and productivity at work.

The use of smartphones at work has brought a greater mobility and flexibility to the modern workforce. Not tethered to their work desks anymore, employees can now do more while on the move. The result: improved efficiencies and processes in the workplace.

Mobile Printing: The Benefits

As if the use of mobile devices in the workplace is not enough, businesses are now jumping on the next level of mobility: mobile printing. Mobile printers are used in a wide range of industries to perform many tasks. From documentation to RFID tag printing, down to invoices and receipt, you can count on the mobile printer to help you accomplish the task.

Mobile printing has greatly enabled seamless mobility, improving not only individual worker productivity but accuracy and customer responsiveness as well. Here are some of the specific ways mobile printing can benefit your business:

  1. Time economy. Mobile printers allow field workers and technicians to issue receipts where their service is needed. If a plumber has finished his work, he can bill the client accordingly by issuing an invoice and printing a receipt when the customer pays. There is no need to travel back to the central office to input the service details in the main network, have invoices and receipts printed there and go back to the customer.
  2. Less operating costs. In the above example, the plumber was not just able to save time, which gives him the capability to service more customers during his shift. He was also able to save on fuel costs that would otherwise be incurred if he did not have mobile printing capabilities.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction. With mobile printing technology, technicians can print work orders right there and then when the customer is present, so customers can review and approve the document. This lessens billing disputes in the future and assures the customers that your transactions are transparent, increasing customer loyalty and the likelihood of repeat business.

Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

In answer to the demands of many industries mobile printing technologies that work, Zebra has come up with the ZQ00 series, which improves upon and replaces the Zebra RW Legacy Printers. The ZQ500 series showcases the 3” (72mm) ZQ510 and the 4” (104mm) ZQ520. Both printers have a patented and military-grade design, providing durability and reliability even in the harshest of work environments.

Optimized for on-demand barcode, receipt and ticket printing, the ZQ500 series printers produce high-quality printouts through a speedy and highly intuitive feature called Power Smart print Technology™.

Rugged and engineered to provide the power and connectivity your mobile workers need, the ZQ500 printers are a great investment that will give you huge ROI.

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