Zebra OneCare - What it means for you.

January 6, 2016

General Data has partnered with Zebra OneCare to bring you the next level in support services. The new Zebra OneCare Support Services replaces their previous enterprise support services, which includes: Motorola's Service from the Start, Service Center, Advanced Exchange, Primary, Bronze and Gold support for mobile computers, data capture, and wireless products.

That's a fancy way of saying, Zebra OneCare is innovating to help you and your employees reach your full potential. Zebra is retiring old branding and support services, simplifying their offerings, and improving your service experience.

Rebranding. Refreshing. 

Zebra is streamlining their suite of services and making it easier to understand, here is a breakdown:

Motorola's Service from the Start Bronze will become Zebra OneCare Essential
Motorola's Service from the Start Gold will become Zebra OneCare Select
Motorola's Service from the Start Advanced Exchange will become Zebra OneCare Select
Motorola's Service from the Start Primary will be included in Zebra OneCare Essential

Zebra is introducing two main service levels:

Zebra OneCare services provide fast repair and/or replacement with comprehensive coverage, global help desk support, and more. Zebra will provide a fixed, budgeted service contract for you to help minimize unforeseen repair expenses so that your enterprise units are reaching their maximum up-time and performance.

Zebra OneCare Essential - offers software updates and upgrades, comprehensive coverage including accidental damage, 8x5 help desk support and 3-day repair turnaround time.

Zebra OneCare Select - builds on Essential with advanced replacement for faster repair turnaround, 24x7 helpdesk support and enhanced capabilities.

5 Specific Enhancements for Zebra OneCare

  • 24/7 Help Desk - Get the support you need when you need it (included with Select)
  • Service Dashboards - Track the status of your device through the repair process (included with Select, upgrade available for Essential)
  • Device Diagnostics Tool - Solve mobile computing issues in the field
  • Online User Assessment - Identify knowledge gaps and make recommendations
  • Operational Visibility Service (OVS)  - Cloud based managed service solution for improved asset control and visibility across devices (upgrade available for Essential and Select)

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What equipment of mine does this cover?

This support service covers all Zebra/Motorola mobile computers, data captures and wireless products.

2. Does this simply replace my existing contract(s) that I have, or does this establish a new service contract?

Zebra will continue to honor current contracts up to the point of contract expiration date. Upon reaching their renewal date, customers will renew their Bronze, Gold or Advanced Exchange contracts to the Essential or Select level of service. However, if a customer decides to move to the Essential or Select offer before their contract expires, the existing contract will be updated and invoiced with any additional cost if applicable.

3. When does this go into effect?

June 8, 2015

4. What do I need to do – do I need to sign or authorize anything?

You will not need to sign or authorize anything until you either purchase or renew your service support contract.


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