Success Story: Mobile Workstations Streamline Shipping & Receiving For Distribution Center

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Streamlines Shipping & Receiving Processes with NB Series Workstations


Care-A-Lot Pet Supply has been providing customers with pet supplies since 1989, either through their catalog, online store, or retail stores located in Newport News and Virginia Beach, VA.


The distribution center (located in Virginia Beach, VA) operates from a facility with over 50,000 square feet and more than 2,800 products stored, ready to fill orders. The distribution center is responsible for maintaining all supplies offered by the Care-A-Lot Catalog, On-line store as well as all retail stores.


NB Series Carts equipped with 750 watt inverter, 20 amp charger and (2) 100 amp hour batteries. Accessories include:

  • Keyboard tray
  • LCD post holder
  • CPU holder
  • Additional shelf


Care-A-Lot’s challenge was to increase productivity and improve efficiency while receiving products from suppliers and fulfilling orders placed by patrons of Care- A-Lot’s catalog, online store and retail stores. “We receive and ship thousands of products a day and we needed something to help streamline the process,” said Paul Camping, Inventory & Receiving Manager for Care-A-Lot Pet Supply. “In the past our employees had to take all of the ‘To Be Received’ or ‘To Be Shipped’ products from their location, to the computer and then to their next destination. This process was cumbersome and inefficient.” said Camping.


“As our company has grown it has been my responsibility to find new technologies that simplify procedures and increase productivity,” said Richard Pekarsky, Network Manager for Care-A-Lot Pet Supply. “A technological intervention was needed in our shipping and receiving process, however, we were initially unable to find technology that would meet our specific needs. Newcastle Systems not only provided exactly what we needed, but also afforded an incredible purchasing experience.”

The NB Series carts were tested in the distribution center, by scanning in new products at the receiving docks. The carts were then moved to inventory pallets where products were pulled, scanned, and prepared for the shipping department. “The carts were so successful that more were purchased for our retail store locations,” said Pekarsky.


Since the carts have been introduced in May of 2006, their workers are more efficient and productivity has increased by 40%. It has also decreased the time employees dedicate to product movement. Due to the mobility and wireless ability of the carts, their employees have larger work areas which has allowed for a more prolific work environment. “The cost savings of the carts were immediately apparent,” said Camping. Care-A-Lot also uses the carts as label makers for pallets and general organization. “It saved time when you can print out a label while standing in front of it instead of walking across the warehouse to a workstation printing it out and walking back,” said Brad Voorhes, Supervisor for Care-A-Lot.

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