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Streamline workflow efficiencies and processes, eliminate errors and provide the best patient care with healthcare solutions from General Data.  With our broad range of resources, including solutions for histology, positive patient identification, mobility, and printer fleet management, hospital staff can use these technologies to do what they do best: deliver optimal outcomes and the best possible care.

Eliminate errors, improve workflow and patient safety
Use barcode patient wristbands to verify patients
Improve efficiency and patient safety
Optimize prescription fulfillment and document printing
Product Spotlight: LaserTrack Cassette Printers

If Your Histology Lab Needs Reliable Cassette Printing, Then You Need LaserTrack™

LaserTrack cassette printers are the top choice for histology labs that demand smooth, efficient, dependable and error-free printing and labeling of tissue cassettes as part of their lab workflow.

For barcoded cassettes that are highly legible and deliver high scan rates, laser is the best and most preferred printing technology.  LaserTrack cassette printers' laser printing technology consistently and reliably produces sharp, crisp text and 2D barcodes that are permanent and deliver nearly perfect scan rates.

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