I Am A Lab Manager

I am a Lab Manager, and I am always right.

I have to be – and that’s how my lab needs to operate. Every day, patients, their families and loved ones await the diagnosis of the samples sent to and processed by my lab. Critical medical decisions are made and treatment plans are put in place based on the results that come out of my lab. If we are not timely and 100% accurate with our tests, we can potentially put the care and well-being of our patients at risk.

My work directly affects people’s quality of life. So for me, its all about being right every time.

My Concerns

When a sample or specimen is improperly identified, it causes all kinds of problems in my lab. These identification problems are caused by a variety of factors, including handwriting that our techs can’t read and the wrong label being put on the wrong sample. We have to know that every sample is clearly and reliably identified every time.

Our workload continues to increase – but our budget doesn’t. I need histology instruments and supplies that I can depend on to help my lab cut costs while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency.

How General Data Helps Lab Managers