I Am An Office Manager

I am an Office Manager, and my company depends on me to keep our office operations running smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

In our office, we print a lot of documents – everything from forms, contracts, orders, invoices, statements and customer communications.  I am responsible for making that all work.  If our printers are out-of-order, or out of toner or ink, or malfunctioning in any way, our productivity suffers.

My Concerns

We spend over 3% of our company’s annual revenue on ink, toner and printer supplies.  That’s a big number, and I would like better control over what printer supplies get ordered, who orders them and where they are ordered from.  How can I be more cost-efficient without sacrificing quality?

When a printer malfunctions, it directly affects my office productivity.  I can’t be our in-house printer support, and we can’t wait days for a service tech to show up.  I need a comprehensive service plan that keeps my printer fleet in top working order, and provides fast, efficient service when a problem does arise.

I need to know if we have the right mix of printers for the types of documents we need to print.  I know we are wasting money when we are using printers with capabilities that do not match our document printing needs.  How can I determine the best mix of printers that saves us the most money?

How General Data Helps Office Managers