I Am A Production Manager

I am a Production Manager, and my company, co-workers and customers depend on me to make sure we consistently manufacture products meeting the highest quality standards, while keeping our costs down so we can remain competitive in our market.

I am responsible for everything that happens on our manufacturing floor. If products aren't made correctly, if any of our equipment breaks down and is out of service, if we are wasting time, effort and money because we are not as efficient as we should be - the buck stops with me.

My Concerns

I am always thinking about efficiency. We have to continually implement lean principles, while making sure anything we do removes potential points of error in manufacturing, assembly, or shipping. The competition is fierce out there - and the more efficient and error-free we are, the better.

My customers demand that our products are shipped to them in compliance with their strict guidelines for how they are labeled and when they are received. If we don't meet these guidelines, we will be hit with costly penalties, which go right at our bottom line.

Mission critical? In my world, everything - from the most expensive piece of equipment to the smallest label printer - is mission critical. When anything breaks down, slows down or is not in optimum working condition, it affects everything else. I need equipment service and asset maintenance that is reliable, efficient and timely.

How General Data Helps Production Managers