GlassStick Labels

GlassStick Labels
  • Apply GlassStick Labels to glass surfaces
  • Great for window manufacturing, branding and advertising
  • No residue left behind

GlassStick™ labels are the perfect solution for labeling glass surface applications where parts, assets or other items need to be identified with barcodes and other critical information.  This pre-printed label is specially designed for ultimate adhesion to glass surfaces, while maintaining the ability to be cleanly removed without leaving any residue behind. 

These labels are self-wound and feature a release coating on the face, eliminating the need for a liner, allowing for easier application, waste savings and improving overall efficiency.

  • Ultra-removable adhesive providing quick tack and lasting adhesion with clean removability
  • Linerless construction simplifies label applications and eliminates waste and safety hazards
  • Accurate inventory tracking for assets and items with glass surfaces that are barcode identified and tracked from the manufacturing floor to the construction site
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
High-quality, coated-two-side, semi-gloss paper
Ultra-removable adhesive
Service Temperature Range
20°F to 150°F