TireTak Labels

TireTak Labels
  • Apply barcode and product identification labels to tires
  • One of a kind adhesive free border for tire labels
  • Industry-proven aggressive patterned tire adhesive

TireTak™ labels are ideal for tire labeling applications where tires need to be identified with barcode and other information and tracked during the manufacturing process through transportation channels to retail facilities.  TireTak labels use an industry-proven aggressive patterned adhesive and feature a unique adhesive-free border around the perimeter of the label to avoid unwanted adhesive ooze.  These labels provide the required tack needed without the worry of additional printer service or replacement costs.

  • Cost effective solution featuring adhesive free border to eliminate ooze and prevent buildup, extending the life of the printer
  • Ultimate adhesion suitable for use on all types of tires and treads
  • Reliable inventory tracking allowing for a seamless path from the manufacturing plant to the showroom floor
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Thermal transfer, ultra-smooth paper
Permanent, hot-melt, rubber-based tire adhesive with an adhesive free border