Healthcare Mobile Computers

Mobile computing devices
  • Handheld clinical smartphones help clinicians deliver truly patient-centered care

  • Clinicians can be connected to teams while mobile

  • Mobile devices can be used for barcode scanning, paging, team texting, alarm monitoring, and real-time connection to care providers

Empower Your Clinicians With Mobile Computing and Mobile Devices

Mobile computing is revolutionizing the way clinicians connect with their teams, their patients, and providing instantaneous access to care providers. Give your staff and clinicians access to the critical data they need where they need it, when they they need it. As General Data is a premier partner with the industry's top mobile device manufacturers, and we can help you find the mobile device to meet the demands of your hospital or healthcare facility.

Mobile Computing Solutions

For mobile computing applications such as inventory and supply chain management, we have mobile devices that will meet your needs and budget.

Partners and Brands
Recommended Applications
  • Patient Identification
  • Staff Communication
  • Bedside medication verification
  • Lab specimen track & trace
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Warehouse location tracking
  • Documents and records tracking
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