FWS & TFB Smart Waterbaths | Tissue Flotation Workstations

  • Microprocessor-based waterbath temperature control prevents tissue imperfections

  • Multiple sizes and configurations to fit your lab's needs

  • Easy to clean; reducing slide-to-slide contamination

FWS and TFB smart histology waterbaths provide the dependability and ease of electronics controlled by technology ... making slide preparation easier, safer and more efficient.

What makes these histology waterbaths smart? Both FWS and TFB styles offer temperature protection through advanced digital microprocessor controls, to provide the ultimate in efficient ribbon flotation and pickup.

These "flotation work station" histology waterbaths are available in multiple designs and sizes, and offer a wide range of accessories to accommodate every lab's needs.

Microprocessor-controlled temperatures ensure whole ribbon sections are properly collected without cracking or over-expansion that can result from temperature fluctuation. All heated waterbath areas (dishes, drying areas, and HISTOorientors) can be individually temperature controlled according to user preference.


  • Multiple Sizes and Designs for Every Lab

    Choose the size that best suits your needs. The small footprint FWS-S and TFB-S are ideal for crowded workspaces; with deep-dish design for efficient ribbon floating and pickup. The FWS-L and TFB-L offer built-in heated slide drying areas, a removable 8"x 11" glass dish, and a 2"x2" HISTOrientor for removing wrinkles. All tissue flotation bath models are made of heat-resistant plastic housing for long instrument life.
  • Microprocessor-controlled Temperature Regulation

    Internal microprocessors mean that temperature is precisely controlled, which will prevent tissue imperfections like cracking and layer separation. All heated areas can be individually temperature controlled according to lab needs and user preference.
  • Optimum Lighting with No Glare

    The LED light array is strategically positioned on the side of the glass dish, away from the user, so maximum light is shed on ribbons with the least amount of glare.

  • High Contrast for Best Visibility

    The black bottom of the waterbath basin provides the high contrast needed to identify specimens quickly and easily,

  • Simple to Clean

    Glass dishes are easily removed, making all waterbath surfaces easily accessible as well as chemical-resistant to stand up to frequent cleaning.
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
8 x 11 Model Dimensions
15 in. W x 18.75 in. L x 5.25 in. H | 38.1 cm. W x 47.6 cm. L x 13.3 cm. H
8 x 8 Model Dimensions
11.75 in. W x 18.75in. L x 5.25in. H | 29.8cm. W x 47.6cm. L x 13.3cm. H
11 lbs | 6 kg
100-120 VAC 50/60 Hz 5A | 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 2.4A