ID/Positive CL-12 Laser Cassette Printer

ID/Positive™ CL-12 Laser Cassette Printer

  • Unique cassette printing technology delivers unrivaled quality and prints high-resolution text and barcodes
  • Permanent, indelible printed image withstands histology tissue specimen processing
  • 12 magazine configuration designed for high-volume needs
Reliable High-Volume Cassette Printing With 12 Magazines

The ID/Positive CL-12 Laser Cassette Printer provides a solution for permanent, indelible tissue cassette printing with high-resolution text and barcodes.  It is a histology cassette printer that is designed for the high-volume batch cassette printing needs of pathology, histology, cytology and research labs. With 12 cassette magazines holding up to 70 cassettes each, a lab can quickly and easily print all the tissue cassettes needed for a case right at accessioning.

Using barcode technology for positive identification and tracking of specimens in the lab means fewer errors, greatly enhanced workflow efficiencies, and lab technicians that spend less time worrying about specimen identification errors and more time on diagnostics, results and patient care.

ID/Positive CL-12 Laser Cassette Printer       (click photo for larger view)

Features and Benefits
  • Permanent and Indelible Cassette Printing Using Laser Technology

    The CL-12 Laser Cassette Printer uses a focused low-power C02 laser that ablates a special polymer coating on the face of the tissue cassette. The printed text and barcodes are extremely durable and able to withstand the harshest reagents and solvents without fading or other damage.
  • Print High-Resolution Text and Barcodes On Tissue Cassettes

    The precision laser used in the CL-12 cassette printer produces high-resolution, high-contrast alphanumeric text and two-dimensional barcodes that scan quickly and easily. These high-resolution barcodes and text remain sharp, legible and scannable throughout the entire life of the cassette. Printed cassettes can be scanned with a barcode scanner anywhere in the lab to quickly and correctly identify the block and any corresponding case information.
  • Cassette Printing Designed To Address The Needs Of Today's High-Volume Labs

    The CL-12 prints cassettes quickly and efficiently. Once printed, cassettes can be delivered to output trays or stacking trays that organize the cassettes based on printing sequence. It's ideal for high-volume batch printing cassettes at accessioning in histology labs.
  • Equipped With 12 Magazines So You Will Always Have The Right Cassette Ready

    The CL-12 Laser Cassette Printer features 12 magazines, each holding a total of 70 cassettes each. Different cassette types or colors can be loaded into each of the magazines, or multiple magazines can contain a single color.
  • A Cassette Printer That's Built To Last

    The CL-12 features aluminium and stainless steel construction, and operates quietly with no external moving parts. It also features an optical sensor system that greatly minimizes cassette jamming.
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
21 in. D x 37 in. H
115 lbs | 52 kg
115V 60Hz; 350 VA draw
10 seconds cassette-to-cassette (approx.. 6 cassettes per minute)
Sealed Class 1 laser / Focused low power CO2 / 10 watt output
200 lpi
Normal laboratory temperatures/humidity
USB / Ethernet / Serial (to PC)
Barcode Symbologies
Code 128, Code 39, DataMatrix, PDF417 (truncated)
General scaled / monochrome bitmap only
Media Max Load
12 stacks of 70 cassettes each