SHURCut Artis A Fully Automated Rotary Microtome

SHURCut™ Artis A™ Fully Automated Rotary Microtome

Put the control back into microtome automation with the SHURCut Artis-A, the first truly hands-free automated rotary microtome that gives you new levels of control to section your way.

Microtome Automation When & Where You Want It. The Rest Is All You.

The SHURCut Artis-A is the first truly hands-free microtome; designed to increase operator control while reducing repetitive-motion injuries. The Artis series is General Data Healthcare's premier series of microtomes, and provides the precision necessary for producing reliable, consistent results that ensure the est possible patient diagnosis.

The Artis-A is a motorized, programmable rotary microtome designed for histotechnologists who want an automated microtome that provides advanced automation for safety, efficiency and protection from injury, yet gives them control over the cutting process so they can utilize their unique skills gained from training and experience.

The SHURCut Artis-A microtome satisfies all of your laboratory's requirements for superior sectioning in a constant, high-performance workflow. When innovative technology, reliability, versatility, ergonomics and control are prime factors for selecting an automated microtome, the SHURCut Artis-A is your answer.

SHURCut Artis Rotary Microtome     (click photo for larger view)

Features and Benefits
  • New dynamic foot pedal for better microtome motor control

    More than just an on/off switch, the foot pedal enables the histotech to precisely control the sectioning speed while keeping both hands free. There is no need to manually turn the handwheel to start your sections. Much like a sewing machine, the user is in complete control of the speed of every section.
  • Convenient light panel for visual inspection of blocks and slides

    A small diffused light panel on the front of the SHURCut Artus-A microtome provides the optimal amount of light to allow the operator to backlight their blocks and slides for easy visual inspection.
  • Easy to Use

    Histotechs can control many of the automated functions through the hand pad, which can be positioned either on the left or right side of the Artis-A microtome. It features an intuitive display with a color LED layout and icons.
  • Advanced Blade Safety Features

    The Artis-A has special safety features: 1) a built-in blade ejection mechanism allows for safe, easy removal of used blades,  2) a multi-position bladeholder (left, right, and center) maximizes blade life and eliminates the dangers of exposed blades, and 3) a built-in finger guard that covers the blade when not in use.
  • Easy to clean

    The quick-release clamps allow for easy release of the knife/blade holder. The waste tray can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning.
  • Superior accuracty, quality and reliability

    The SHURCut Artis-A microtome is designed to consistenetly and reliably cut accurate sections. Fully motorized and programmable, it features 4 sectioning modes: single, interval, multi and continuous.
  • Available in fully or semi-automated configurations (Artis-S is semi-automated)

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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Sectioning Thickness Setting Range
0.5 - 100 micron | 0.5 - 5 micron in 0.5 micron increments | 5 - 20 micron in 1 micron increments | 20 - 30 micron in 2 micron increments | 30 - 60 micron in 5 micron increments | 60 - 100 micron in 10 micron increments
Trimming Section Thickness Setting Range
1 - 600 micron | 1-5 micron in 1 micron increments | 5 - 30 micron in 10 micron increments | 30 - 100 micron in 10 micron increments | 100 - 200 micron in 20 micron increments | 200 - 600 micron in 50 micron increments
Object Feed
30 mm +/- 1 mm, feed motion via step monitor
Vertical Stroke
70 mm
Specimen Orientation
Horizontal: 8°, vertical: 8°, rotation 360°
Sectioning Modes
Interval, single, multi, and continuous
Maximum Specimen (WxD)
55x50 mm (68x50 mm with clamp for macrocassettes)
Specimen Retraction
Manual 5 - 100 micron in 5 micron increments (can be turned off)
Nominal Supply Voltage
230V +/- 10% 110 V +/- 10%
Power Consumption
Dimensions (WxDxH)
400x675x350 mm | 15.5x26.5x13.7 in
40 Kg | 88 lbs.