SHURDry™ Slide Dryer II

SHURDry™ Slide Dryer II
  • Dries slides quickly
  • Accommodates up to six slide racks
  • Compact unit fits almost anywhere in the lab

SHURDrySlide Dryer II is the perfect solution for small volume labs that need a low-volume sliding apparatus that can still dry slides quickly!  It offers a quick, uncomplicated solution for drying slides to maintain a streamlined histology process.

The SHURDrySlide Dryer II accommodates up to six slide racks directly from a stainer and allows the slides to be stained in approximately 20 minutes to 1 hour.  See-through glass provides the visibility needed to examine contents (without releasing heat by opening doors).

Cleaning is convenient too; simply open the lid and lift out the grill. An intuitive temperature control system uses light indicators to monitor heat levels and avoid overheating. 

Use the SHURDryII with General Data Healthcare's other histology products that can be seamlessly integrated into your workspace to increase turnaround time and ensure quality results.

  • Dries slides quickly
  • Small footprint fits on counter tops
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Dimensions WxDxH
11in. W x 10in. D x 5in. H | 26cm. W x 28cm. D x 13cm. H
Weight lbs (kg)
11 lbs | 5kg
100-120 VAC 50/60Hz 2A | 220-240VAC 50/60Hz 1A