SHURStain 2030 Slide Stainer

SHURStain Automated Slide Stainer

SHURStain™ 2030 Automated Slide Stainer

Compact footprint is ideal for crowded workspaces

High tissue staining productivity - up to 5 H&E or PAP processes simultaneously, and up to 150 slides

Safe and easy to operate to produce high quality stains

Tissue Staining Productivity and Ease Of Use in a Compact Footprint

The SHURStain™ 2030 Automated Slide Stainer was intelligently designed for today's crowded lab workspaces, as well as addressing the demand for speed, convenience, and versatility. The SHURStain slide stainer is a small benchtop unit measuring only 47"x17"x14" (w/d/h) and is ideal for histology staining in labs with shallow counters and low-hanging cabinets. 

Utlizing innovative built-in software, this 20-station slide stainer can perform up to 5 H&E or 5 PAP tissue staining processes (a total of 150 slides) simultaneously, and also meets requirements for certain user-specified and special staining protocols. 

Resident management and reporting capabilities allow the user to conveniently write, edit, start and stop tissue staining protocols, manage reports, errors, and even schedule maintenance from the convenience of their PC.

The SHURStain 2030 Automated Slide Stainer is the answer for achieving slide staining productivity, optimizing workflow, and producing quality histology staining results.

SHURStain 2030 Linear Slide Stainer  (click photo to enlarge)

See the SHURStain 2030 Linear Stainer In Action
Features and Benefits
  • An Automatic Slide Stainer That Takes Up Less Space

The SHURStain 2030 Slide Stainer offers a compact footprint 47”x17”x14” (w/d/h); ideal for labs with crowded workspaces, shallow counters, or any lab where valuable counter space is a concern.

  • Increase Tissue Staining Productivity In The Histology Lab

Innovative software contained within the unit allows up to 5 H&E or 5 PAP processes simultaneously, allowing up to 150 slides, and can run up to 20 different programs that include up to 50 steps each.

  • Reliable Tissue Staining With Better Technology

The SHURStain 2030 automated slide stainer has built-in management and reporting capabilities that allow users to write, edit, start and stop protocols, manage and print reports, manage errors, and even schedule/perform maintenance from the convenience of their personal computer. 

  • Tissue Staining Automation That Works With The User

The user can easily change staining immersion time and speed. Process parameters can be adjusted to dial in staining protocols, improving quality and prolonging reagent life. Additionally, carryover can be reduced by adjusting the drain (dripping) function, amplitude (vertical travel), agitation (dip) frequency, and arm lift/lower speed,  helping to guarantee quality results. 

  • Customizable Features Allow For Slide Staining Workflow Changes

The SHURStain 2030 automatic slide stainer is equipped with customizable water (rinse) station positions that help to optimize workflow. It also allows up to 2 loading, 3 unloading, and 3 rinse stations - important for labs needing to accommodate workflow changes.

  • New: Optional Drying Station

The 2030 now comes with an optional drying station. This function can easily be turned off if the lab requires the station for a reagent.

  • Backup Power For Emergencies

The SHURStain 2030 Linear Slide Stainer includes a built-in battery backup has a 2-hour lifecycle to allow plenty of time to finish processes in the event of a power failure.


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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Power Requirements
12V DC - 3A
Classification in accordance with IEC 1010
Protective class 1 Pollution degree 2 Overvoltage category II
Operating Conditions FOR INDOOR USE ONLY
Operating temperature range: 10 - 40°C Relative air humidity: 10 - 80% non-condensing
47.24in W x 17.32in D x 14.49in H | 1200mm W x 440mm D x 368mm H
Standalone Weight
143.3 lbs | 65 kg
Total Weight with Packaging
242.51 lbs | 110 kg
Processing Capacity
Up to 5 racks at a time, depending on the programs, load frequency and device configuration. Simultaneous performance of up to 5 different staining protocols
Load Capacity Per Rack
30 slides
No. of programs in the memory
Stores up to 20 programs, each with up to 50 steps
No. of reagents in the memory
Maximum 52 (32 programmed and 20 user-configurable)
Immersion Time
1 s - 59 m 59 s per step
No. of Stations
Reagent Stations
Maximum 18
Reagent Tray Volume
300 ml
Cleaning Stations
Maximum 3
Loading Stations
Maximum 2
Unloading Stations
Maximum 3
Fume Extraction
Active carbon filter
Battery Life
2 hours (lithium-ion batteries)