SHURStain Manual Stainers

  • Preferred choice for smaller volume labs
  • Easy access with minimal solvent loss
  • Interlocking design allows multiple units to be attached together

The SHURStain™ Manual Staining Systems are modular stainers available by size to allow you to select the number of individual staining positions necessary to meet the needs of your lab or your special stain or individual staining application. For example, each size of manual stain rack can be easily positioned on top of cryostats to perform staining on frozen sections.

SHURStain staining racks are produced in 3, 6, and 12-well configurations, and multiple units can be interlocked back-to-back to increase staining volume capabilities. Sliding lids allow easy access while preventing evaporation. Green and white 250 ml replacement wells have sliding lids that open from either end to minimize evaporation.  

Each SHURStain rack comes with a supply of replaceable documentation strips to record reagent brand, lot #, date changed, etc. The number of data positions is proportional to the number of wells.


  • Sliding lids open from either end to minimize reagent evaporation
  • Multiple slide staining accessories for record-keeping
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
SS-3L Dimensions
6in D x 8in W x 7in H | 160mm D x 203mm W x 178mm H
SS-6L Dimensions
6in D x 15in W x 6in H | 160mm D x 375mm W x 156mm H
SS-12 Dimensions
6in D x 28in W x 6in H | 160mm D x 718mm W x 156mm H