TEC-III Tissue Embedding Center

  • Thermal Storage Area Keeps Up To 600 Cassettes Ready For Embedding

  • Built To Last - Features A Durable Membrane Touch Pad

  • Spacious Work Area Helps Speed Workflow



The Longer-Lasting Tissue Embedding Station That Works Your Way

The TEC-III Tissue Embedding Center is equipped with a host of new design features and capabilities that enable histotechs to embed tissue samples and create paraffin embedded tissue blocks efficiently, comfortably and without error. 

The TEC-lll can accommodate baskets from any processor, and the large storage area in the thermal unit enables multiple racks to be kept warm and ready to go. The spacious work surface area provides an ample amount of room for work, and the cryo console holds up to 60 cassettes/molds.

The TEC-III is built with a focus on longevity. It includes features such as a membrane touchpad that is resistant to the heat generated from the embedding process, making it last longer and provide many years of service in your histology lab.

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TEC-IIl Tissue Embedding Center Features and Benefits
  • Spacious Storage Keeps Up To 600 Cassettes Ready For Embedding

    Two large, independently heated cassette storage areas offer removable trays for up to 300 cassettes in the processor baskets. If the trays are removed, there is enough space for three large racks holding up to 450 cassettes in the front warmer, and another 150 cassettes in the rear warmer.
  • Built To Last Longer Than Other Tissue Embedding Centers

    The TEC-III is built to provide years of reliable operation. The membrane touch pad will last far longer than touch screens, as it will not break down in a heat-filled environment. The operator can trust the TEC-lll’s ability to accurately display and control temperatures over a long service life.
  • Tissue Embedding Work Space Designed For The User

    Spacious heated working surfaces are thermally insulated to make them operator-safe, and white LED lights provide generous non-glare illumination. The adjustable paraffin dispenser paddle can accommodate any cassette, inclidng specially-sized “megacassettes” .
  • Cold Plate Convenience

    A large cold plate surface holds up to 60 blocks, provides an even temperature distribution over the entire surface, and has a selectable temperature between 0 and -12° C. The cold plate can be used independently, and can be placed on either side of the dispensing console.
  • Trimming Without Plug-Ins

    Two built-in paraffin trimmers make the working area even more efficient, and eliminate the need for additional trimming equipment.
  • Easy To Set Up And Use

    The large, user-friendly control panel allows for easy programming and setup of working parameters, and an automatic timer allows for energy savings with built-in calculation of individual pre-heating times.
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Console Dimensions
13 in. W x 25 in. D x 16 in. H | 33 cm. W x 63.5 cm. D x 41 cm. H
Cold Plate Console Dimensions
13 in. W x 24 in. D x 15 in. H | 33 cm. W x 61 cm. D x 38 cm. H
Cold Plate Surface Dimensions
13 in. W x 24 in. D x 15 in. H | 33 cm. W x 61 cm. D x 38 cm. H
Paraffin Reservoir
5 Liters
Adjustable Temperature Range
Paraffin Reservoir
40° C to 70° C
Dispensing Nozzle
40° C to 70° C
Thermal Chambers
40° C to 70° C
Auxiliary Heated Forceps
60° C to 75° C
Cryo Console
0° C to -12° C