TMD Tissue Marking Dyes

TMD Tissue Marking Dyes

TMD™ Tissue Marking Dyes

TMD's NEW precision dispenser cap enables you to define orientation and tissue margins with new levels of accuracy, control and reliability.

TMD dries quickly - and does not require an additional mordant or fixative.

Reliable Tissue Marking Dyes That Are Easy To Use

TMD Tissue Marking Dyes set the standard for efficient, precise and reliable definition of tissue margins.  TMD is available in a variety of bottle sizes and packaging options with our NEW precision dispenser cap that provides maximum accuracy and control when dispensing the dye. 

TMD's formulations deliver consistent and durable pigments that permanently mark tissue throughout tissue processing.  With TMD, tissue marking is now a one-step process - there is no need for a separate mordant/fixative as TMD includes fixative in the dye formulation itself.

TMD Tissue Marking Dyes in 2oz 7 color kit     (click photo for larger view)

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Features and Benefits

TMD - 3 Sizes

  • Expanded Selection of Packaging Sizes and Configurations

    We’ve expanded the packaging options to give you more choices in bottle sizes - so you can use exactly what you need and what works best for your lab. Easy-to-use sizes include 20 ml., 4 oz., and 8 oz. refills. Colors are available individually and in 7-color kits.
  • New High Precision Dispenser Cap

    Gain new levels of accuracy and control when marking tissue. TMD’s new SHUR/Dispense precision dispenser cap enables PAs to dispense a precise amount of dye in the exact area they want it, minimizing overflow and wasted dye. The low viscosity allows for a thin, even coating of pigment, ensuring superior adherence and permanent marking of tissue throughout the entire process.
  • No Mordant or Fixative Required

    TMD enables you to apply and dry in one easy step. Our unique formulation includes fixative with the dye in the same bottle. With TMD, there is no need for a separate fixative to be applied after the dye – which is one less step for the PAs.
  • Quick Drying

    TMD requires only 30 – 60 seconds to dry. This advanced formula applies directly, dries quickly, and marks permanently.
  • Consistent Quality

    With TMD, you will be assured of consistent quality throughout the entire package, from when the bottle is first opened to when the last of the dye is dispensed.
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