Zebra Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN

Zebra Azara Cloud Managed WLAN Solution

Zebra Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN

  • Delivers fast, simple cloud-based automated deployments, configuration and setup
  • Supports flexible infrastructure to provide unlimited scalability
  • Supports WING 5 architecture so businesses can get up and running for a minimal investment in time and cost
Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN Gives You Freedom From The Unpredictability Of Providing Connectivity

Azara is an enterprise-class cloud managed WLAN solution that combines the proven functionality of Zebra’s enterprise grade WiFi with the simplicity & flexibility of managing the WLAN infrastructure from the cloud to offer a true enterprise class scalable, reliable solution.

With the Azara cloud-managed Wireless LAN, businesses can leverage the same enterprise access points (APs) used for on-premise WLAN and manage them from the cloud, protecting their hardware investment and providing the flexibility to migrate to and from a cloud-managed deployment.

Connectivity is freedom. But the freedom businesses seek is simple, robust, low maintenance, predictable, worry-free, trouble-free and headache-free. With the Azara cloud-managed Wireless LAN, you can have automated deployments with zero-touch setup that enables intuitively easy configuration. From there, Azara provides the real-time visibility needed to take customized action for what’s needed, when it’s needed.

Connect faster. Make troubleshooting worry-free. Scale when ready. It’s that simple.

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Set Your Sights To The Cloud With Zebra's Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN
Features and Benefits
  • Zebra's Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN Provides An Enterprise Wireless LAN Cloud Management Solution, As Well As Enterprise-Grade Access Points, To Deliver Uncompromised Performance

    Azara utilizes intelligent access points (APs) which manage devices and applications to provide the best possible performance and user experience. Azara's enterprise-grade access points run many of the world’s most powerful wireless networks, ensuring the highest quality of service, “always on”availability, and performance — on the cloud or on-premise.
  • Supports Flexible Infrastructure To Provide Unlimited Scalability

    Azara's built-in architecture controls allow for scaling resources and spawning additional instances to meet the demand. Zebra's Dev-Ops team continuously monitors the performance and traffic patterns of the infrastructure and can scale resources to meet any predictable or unpredictable spikes.
  • The Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN Delivers Fast Automated Deployments, Configuration, and Setup

    Azara’s cloud infrastructure is built on a public cloud infrastructure and supports major regions across the globe. Azara cloud services are provided from the nearest available region; varies per geographical location of your sites and data residency requirements. Redundant services are deployed across multiple data centers to achieve high availability within each region. Service is backed by 99.99% cloud platform and application uptime.
  • Azara Cloud-Managed Wireless LAN Leverages Zebra’s WiNG 5 Architecture

    Azara extends the WiNG 5 architecture to combine the proven functionality of Zebra’s enterprise-grade WLAN with the simplicity and flexibility of managing WLAN infrastructure from the cloud
  • Enables Enterprise Asset Intelligence and Deeper Visibility Into The Network

    Azara includes a powerful network management tool that allows administrators to access network controls from anywhere - all they need is a connection to the internet. Configure, monitor, and manage multiple site networks from the unified dashboard.
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