WiNG Express Wireless LAN

WING Express Wireless LAN

WiNG Express Wireless LAN

Give your workers all the benefits of a high-performance enterprise-class WLAN - without the complexities and the cost.

WiNG Express delivers enterprice-class wireless networking, simplified and priced for smaller and medium-sized business.

WiNG Express Is Enterprise-Class Wireless Networking Simplified

WiNG Express is Zebra’s powerful enterprise-class WLAN operating system wrapped in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical user interface that makes end-to-end WLAN deployment and management easy — no IT department required.

With WiNG Express, you get all the big-business WLAN features and functionality you need, designed expressly for your small to mid-size operation. Your users enjoy all the benefits of high-performance wireless connectivity, at the right price point for your business.

WiNG Express can be easily deployed in minutes, and provides the ability to start small and easily scale to support growing business needs - up to 1,024 access points.  Powerful analytics give full visibilty to best manage the WLAN network and performance.

How Can WiNG Express Help Your Business?
WiNG Express Solves The Wireless Challenge For Small & Midsize Business
The WiNG Express Product Family

WiNG Express Product Portfolio   (click photo to enlarge)

Features and Benefits
  • Enterprise-Grade Wireless LAN

    WiNG Express uses the same high quality access point radio design and components expected in all Zebra access points - including the latest 802.11ac standard with beamforming. This assures business owners support for all the Wi-Fi devices, employees, guests and customers throughout their facility with the highest quality and most reliable and secure connections.
  • Up And Running In Minutes

    WiNG Express offers the ease of zero-touch deployment. Simply power up your access points, and they will be automatically discovered and provisioned with pre-defined configurations. And with over-the-air provisioning, there is not any CAT5 cabling required for staging – your enterprise-class wireless LAN is ready in just minutes.
  • Flexible Deployment Options

    Enjoy the power of centralized management without the need to purchase or manage a controller. WiNG Express brings a new level of simplicity and cost-effectiveness. One of your access points manages your entire network of up to 25 access points. Have more than 25? Just add WiNG Express Manager, and you can manage up to 1,024 access points whether they are in one or multiple locations.
  • Network Visibility

    See all your access points and drill down into any specific one to view its history – for the last 30 minutes, two hours or 24 hours. You can also gauge the metrics of your radios, antennas, mobile clients, signal strength (RSSI) and the number of re-tries made. Since you have access to the full list of functioning access points, you can ensure only your business-owned access points are adopted. Plus, you can view the security protocols in force to protect and secure the data traveling over your wireless network.
  • Unexpected Scalability

    WiNG Express unleashes the scalability constraints many others systems have, allowing you to scale from one access point to over one thousand access points, all with the same simple management interface and system features. From a single site to multiple sites, WiNG Express has you, your employees, guests and customers covered as you grow.
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Scale (#APs)
25 WiNG Express AP; 1024 WiNG Express Manager
Over-the-Air provisioning, Auto-provisioning for zero touch deployment, Network and usage trending graphs, troubleshooting tools
Layer-2/3 Stateful firewall, Radius Server, WIPS - Rogue detection and mitigation, Captive portal
Smart-RF (Auto power and channel selection, dynamic interference recovery), Client Roam assist
Quality of Service
Rate-limiting, Voice prioritization
DHCP Server