Black Rhino 100W Ribbons

  • Thermal transfer wax ribbon with high optical density and image sensitivity
  • For coated/uncoated paper labels and tags
  • Private label Black Rhino brand

Black Rhino 100W ribbons are an economical thermal transfer wax product perfect for short term durability applications. They feature high optical density and image sensitivity, while still maintaining the ability to be versatile among many substrates and print settings. The BR100W is a reliable ribbon that is designed to operate under the sweet spot of print speeds at 4-8 IPS, providing a print consistency that is unmatched. It's ideal for competitively priced applications and industries such as logistics, distribution and shipping. 

  • Excellent edge definition and print quality at print speeds up to 8 IPS
  • Scratch and smear resistant
  • Reliable and economic printing option
  • Performs well on a multitude of various substrates
  • Excelletn image sensitivity and image blackness
  • Anti-static back coating to increase printhead life
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Total Thickness
7.1 +/- 0.3 micron
≤ 0.06 Kv
Optical Density
≥ 1.82 D
Ink Melting Point
68°C (154°F)