Black Rhino 200W Ribbons

Black Rhino 200W Ribbons
  • Thermal transfer wax, value ribbon
  • For coated and uncoated label & tag stocks, floodcoated labels and synthetic films
  • Private label Black Rhino brand

Black Rhino 200W ribbons are a thermal transfer wax product that offer a great balance between print quality and durability for mainsteam general purpose printing applications.  They feature a special printhead protectecting backcoat, a unique ink formulation for anti-static characteristics and good label compatibility.  They produce crisp, dark and durable barcodes and text for a variety of label substrates.

  • Excellent edge definition and print quality at print speeds up to 8 IPS
  • Wide print latitude to the most receiving materials
  • Low printhead energy requirements for image transfer
  • Anti-static formulation and backcoating to prolonging printhead life
  • Superior abrasion resistance compared to conventional wax products
  • High optical density formulation necessary to provide consistent scan rates
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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Ribbon Thickness
7.1 +/- 0.3 micron
Printing Density
> 1.70 Macbeth Scale
Transmission Density
> 1.20 Macbeth Scale
Ink Melting Point
84° C (183° F)