Black Rhino BR-FLEX 400 NE-W Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Black Rhino BR-FLEX 400 NE Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Black Rhino BR-FLEX 400 NE-W Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Near-edge thermal transfer ribbon designed for online date coders and high-speed print and apply on flexible packaging. 

White ribbon provides quick visual recognition on darker backgrounds.

Near Edge White Thermal Transfer Ribbon For Optimum Printing Performance At High Speeds

BR-FLEX 400 NE-W high speed white wax/resin is a thermal transfer ribbon that is designed specifically for online date coders and high speed print and apply applications, where optimum printing performance at high speeds is required. The white color provides a quick visual recognition of price codes, date codes, lot codes and other variable imagery that is printed on flexible packaging, and other labeling applications that require a color differentiator.

Developed for near edge technology printers, BR-FLEX 400 NE-W prints at 20-31 inches/second (500-800mm/second) and produces excellent print density and definition on a wide range of substrates, producing high resolution bar codes, texts and graphics. BR-FLEX 400 NE-W has a high resistance to scratching, smearing, abrasion and heat for superior scan rates in high volume applications.

Features and Benefits
  • White Color For Printing On Darker Backgrounds

  • Low Printhead Energy

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Print Flexibility

  • High Density Print

  • High Speed

  • Anti-Static Coating

Ideal Applications
  • Flexible packaging

  • Fresh fruit and produce

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Retail

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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
4.5µm Polyester Film
< 8.0 µm
Ink melting point
70° C
Optical density (transmission)
> 0.33
Optical density (reflective)
> 1.50