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Event Wristbands and Hospital Wristbands

Identification wristbands play a central role in many applications, including healthcare and event management. Identification wristbands can help reduce errors, streamline processes and enhance safety – even more so when used as part of a barcode-based identification and tracking system.

Personal ID™ and G-Band™ Wristbands For Positive Patient Identification

General Data's Personal ID™ and G-Band™ wristbands provide a number of options for comfortable, convenient, reliable and easy-to-use wristband identification.

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Recommended Applications
  • Barcode-based identification and tracking of patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Outpatient identification
  • Pediatric/Infant/NICU patient identification
  • Patron identification for entertainment, leisure and events
Featured Wristbands
Personal ID SureSnap Wristbands
Tamperproof snap closure for reliable patient ID
Personal ID Color Wristbands
On-demand color printing for reliable patient ID
Personal ID AC Wristbands
Tamper-evident adhesive closure for reliable patient ID
G-Band Wristbands
Versatile one-size-fits-all wristband
G-Band Ultra Wristbands
Thicker G-Band for added durability
G-Band Color Wristbands
"On-demand color" wristband capability
Where Wristbands Are Used