Personal ID Color Wristbands

Personal ID Color patient wristbands hospital bracelets
  • Tamper-evident adhesive closure

  • Durable and wear-resistant

  • Highly resistant to soap, water, chemicals

  • Color coding for special designations or alerts

General Data's Personal IDâ„¢ AC color patient identification wristbands bring the benefits of on-demand color to patient identification wristbands for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Personal ID AC Color wristband is printed using the Epson TM-C3400 color inkjet printer, enabling you to have barcodes, text, logos, graphics and identifiers in full color on the wristband surface, without the need to apply a separate label. The printed color image resists smearing, fading and degrading from exposure to soapy water or the rigors of a typical patient stay.

The ability to print on-demand color on wristbands has significant advantages. On-demand color greatly simplifies the process of using color-coding on wristbands for specific designations, including patient alerts. With this system, only one wristband is needed - a user is no longer required to wear multiple wristbands for different color-code designations. Hospitals can now take advantage of full color printing on the wristband for text, logos, barcodes, alerts, and photos.

Personal ID AC Color wristbands feature our unique "bracelet" design and a convenient tamper-evident adhesive-based closure. This closure allows for easy adjustment for a secure and comfortable fit on the patient's wrist. Once applied, the wristband closure cannot be peeled apart without delaminating or otherwise destroying the closure.

  • Convenient adhesive-based tamper-evident closure is easy to use and provides for a secure, comfortable fit on the patient's wrist

  • Print full color text, logos, graphics, barcodes, photos and other identifiers on-demand

  • Print directly on the wristband's surface - no need for a label

  • Extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, water and soap

  • Unique "bracelet" design provides ultimate in patient comfort

  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic

  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes

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Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Print method
13.00" (330 mm)
1.125" (28.6 mm)
Printable area
3.875" (98.5 mm)
Print method
9.00" (228.6 mm)
0.75" (19 mm)
Printable area
2.375" (60.3mm)