Personal ID FoamWrap Wristbands

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  • Foam backing ideal for frail or delicate skin

  • Can utilize either a flag or a label

Our Personal ID™ FoamWrap bands provide for proper and reliable identification of newborns, infants and preemies in NICU. These infant wristbands feature a soft foam backing that is comfortable and gentle enough for a newborn's delicate skin.

Personal ID FoamWrap bands are comprised of a foam band that features a hook and loop closure that allows the band to be removed for bathing, etc., and reapplied. Printing is done on either a label or a flag that is applied to the band. The flag can be used to scan barcodes or read identification information outside of blankets or clothing.

  • Soft foam backing is comfortable and gentle to a newborn's delicate skin

  • Print high-resolution text and barcodes directly on the label or flag surface using standard desktop direct thermal printers

  • Hook and loop closure allows for easy removal and reapplication

  • Latex free and hypoallergenic

Use Personal ID Foamwrap Infant/NICU Wristbands For

Product Specifications and Details

Product Specifications
Print method
Direct Thermal
5.25” (133.35 mm)
1.125" (28.6 mm)
Printable area
2.50” (63.5 mm)