Barcode Scanning & Data Collection

Barcode Scanning and Data Collection


  • Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • Enhance Data Integrity

  • Increase Productivity

Barcode Scanning Systems & Data Collection Systems To Meet Every Need

Barcodes can provide all of the data you need, and scanning barcodes can make that data available when and where you need it so you have greater operational control and can make better decisions. General Data provides complete turnkey barcode scanning and data capture systems that eliminate errors, boost productivity, and enable you to capture, move and manage data when and where you need it.

We provide everything you need for a complete barcode scanning and data collection system, including the hardware, software, integration expertise and comprehensive service plans to back it all up. General Data is a premier partner with the industry's leading barcode scanning and data collection hardware providers - our experts can help you customize the right mix of hardware, software and services for your specific scanning and data capture requirements.

Partners and Brands
  • Quickly and accurately collect data and send it wherever it is needed
  • Improves tracking and management of inventory, products and assets
  • Eliminates handwriting or hand-keying data
  • Makes many processes and tasks more streamlined and efficient
Where Barcode Scanning and Data Collection Is Used
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