Custom Label Manufacturing

  • General Data manufactures custom barcode labels
    We've Got The Tech
    Put our advanced label research, development, testing and manufacturing capabilites to work for you
  • custom barcode labels that meet your application requirements
    We'll Get You In Compliance
    We make labels that keep you in compliance with industry, regulatory or customer mandates
  • custom barcode labels that solve your toughest labeling challenges
    They Said It Couldn't Be Done
    We make labels that perform in the harshest environments - like sticking to dirty, oily surfaces.
  • Create labels for use in any environment
  • Assure your labels meet your application requirements
  • Solve your toughest labeling challenges

Custom Labels Made For Your Unique Application Requirements

General Data specializes in creating custom labels for any application. In fact, we're known for producing highly specialized labels designed to perform in the harshest environments or most difficult applications.

Developing custom labels starts with listening to our customers - and asking the right questions to fully understand their existing challenges, operational needs and application requirements. Technicians in our label research, development and testing lab work closely with customers to specify and approve the optimal label facestock, adhesive and topcoat for their application needs.

Custom Labels For Specialized Label Performance

Some labels need to remove cleanly from a special surface.  Others need to show evidence of tampering. And others need to fold out to reveal coupons or special offers. General Data has the advanced custom label manufacturing and custom coating capabilities to produce these and many other specialized performance labels.

Custom Labels For Harsh Environments

Dirty, dusty, greasy environments. Extreme heat. Freezer storage. Moisture and humidity. Salt water spray. Chemicals and solvents. Abrasion and rough handling. General Data has seen it all, and we’ve produced custom labels to survive these and other harsh environments.  We specialize in producing labels that solve the toughest labeling challenges.

Custom Labels For Color and Style

General Data can print up to 10 colors on your label, in addition to 4 color process with a variety of different floodcoated or spot varnishes or other coatings.  Keep your company’s image forefront in your customer’s mind by adding your logo or other branding information to your labels.  We can even die cut it to any shape you need.

Custom Labels To Meet Compliance Specifications

Many different industries or customers have specific requirements for labeling products, cartons or containers. These are often driven by mandates developed by government agencies or industry associations.  Examples include chemical drum labeling, GHS labeling, and automotive returnable container labeling. General Data can produce the labels that keep you in compliance with your mandates.

Custom Label Manufacturing Capabilities

General Data’s ISO-certified manufacturing facilities contain advanced label production, converting and coating equipment designed to produce virtually any type of label in any size, shape, configuration or color.

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Specialty Labels For Specialized Applications