SHURStain 2030 Stainer Sale

Get the SHURStain 2030 Linear Tissue Stainer For Only $15,995

The SHURStain 2030 combines ease of use, speed, and productivity with a compact footprint to address the demands of crowded lab workspaces. Utilizing innovative built-in software, this 20-station slide stainer can perform up to 5 H&E or 5 PAP tissue staining processes (a total of 150 slides per hour) simultaneously, and resident software allows the user to conveniently write, edit, start and stop tissue staining protocols, manage reports, errors, and even schedule maintenance from the convenience of their PC.

Equip Your Lab With The Small Stainer That Achieves Big Productivity – For Only $15,995!

Achieve slide staining productivity, optimize workflow, and produce quality staining results today with the SHURStain 2030 Linear Slide Stainer. And now for a limited time, get this quality stainer for only $15,995! Simply fill out and submit this form for details. Would you like to schedule a demo? Just let us know – we’ll arrange a time to bring one to your lab so your staff can experience this unique stainer for themselves.


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