Automation in Food Processing

Automation Is Increasing In Food Processing And Packaging

Whether it be in the actual processing of the food or the packaging of the food, automation is everywhere in today's modern food plants. Automation is now a necessity in the food industry to address the required levels of quality control, production, speed, labor shortages and overall profitability. 

General Data's team of engineers have years of industry experience developing automation technology that streamlines and enhances the manufacturing and processing industry.

      Advantages of Automation Include:

      • Reduced Production Costs
      • Increased Production Rate
      • Improved Reliability and Quality
      • Reduced Waste
      • Competitive Edge
      Customized Automation Solutions That Fit Your Unique Environment Needs

      General Data has successfully implemented advanced automation technology to solve many common, and not so common, inefficiences within the manufacturing and processing industry. As a leading innovator, we can help you create and maintain a competitive edge in the market with custom automation and programming. Our team of engineers design and build equipment in robotics, control panels, applicators and pick-n-place.

      We have created proven solutions for:

      • Labeling Automation/Application for an assortment of packaged products
      • PLC interfaces to tie into automation throught the plant floor
      • Labeling dispensing and verification equipment
      • Oxygen scanvenger and moisture control dispensing equipment
      • Thermal bacrode printers
      • On-site technical service and support