Managed Print Choices

managed print services choices from the managed print experts
  • Reduce your total corporate printing costs over 30%
  • Choose the best features and options to suit your unique business printing needs 
  • Single-source provider for all components of a managed print system

Managed Print Services: Have It Your Way
With Managed Print Choices

Managed print services is all about gaining control over printing costs, efficiencies and management.  A managed print system can reduce corporate printing costs over 30% by optimizing all aspects of the corporate printing environment and bundling them into a single fixed payment.  Costs for equipment, service and supplies are optimized and combined into a single cost that a company can manage, control and budget.

General Data's Managed Print Choices means that you have choices and options for your managed print needs.  Our services are flexible and can adapt to our customers current business processes and changing needs.  Do you need a "cost-per-page" plan that incorporates equipment and supplies costs, with separate billing programs for service?  We can do that.  Or a monthly pay plan that incorporates supplies and service only?  No problem.  And if you are ready for a full MPS system that manages your entire corporate printing environment, we're the best in the business.

Our Managed Print Choices Approach
Analyze and understand your corporate printing needs, existing assets, current usage and costs.
Maximize efficiencies and savings with the best mix of existing and new printers in the optimal deployment and location.
Monitor per-page printing activities, supplies usage, maintenance issues and user behavior in order to continuously optimize your printing activities
Proactively respond to maintenance issues and automatically ship toner and ink to the facility when printers reach a pre-designated supply alert level
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Managed Print Choices Benefits
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for corporate printing environment
    Gain immediate and long-term savings in the areas of printer management, supplies, parts, staff and energy usage.
  • Bundle what you need when you need it
    You choose what levels of printer service, monitoring and supplies replenishment work best for your business.
  • Multiple variable costs become a single fixed cost
    A single, predictiable monthly bill for service and supplies for all printers in your fleet.
  • Single-source direct vendor relationship
    You work directly with an expert supplier of printing equipment, service, supplies and software.
  • Freedom of choice
    Our system is printer-agnostic, so you're not forced into using printers from a single vendor.
  • Enhanced staff productivity
    Your IT staff works more effectively as help desk calls are reduced and printer uptime is increased.
  • Reduced environmental impact
    Reduce energy consumption through printer fleet optimization and replaciement of aging printers with Energy Star certified printers


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