LaserTrack PH6 Laser Cassette Printer

LaserTrack PH6 Laser Cassette Printer

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If you’re a high-volume histology lab processing multiple tissue types for multiple facilities, your workflow requires cassette printing that is fast, reliable, easy to operate, and prints barcodes with near-perfect scan rates. The LaserTrack PH6 Laser Cassette Printer is a high-performance histology cassette printer that is designed to excel in the most demanding histology labs.

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Video Transcript:

This is the LaserTrack PH6 Cassette Printer, the most recent addition to General Data’s lineup of laser cassette printers … a great way to increase reliability and workflow productivity in your lab.

Labs that use barcodes to identify and track tissue specimens can significantly increase productivity and eliminate errors. And if labs want to print barcodes on cassettes that will scan reliably and consistently, they must use laser printing technology. The LaserTrack PH6 has text, linear and two-dimensional barcoding capabilities.

The LaserTrack PH6 prints tissue cassettes using our innovative laser technology that creates the precise, clean edges needed for scanning and decoding the small 2D barcodes used on tissue cassettes. Cassettes printed using the LaserTrack PH6 are reported to have a 99.5% scan rate throughout the tracking process.

The PH6 prints cassettes at a rate of about one every 3 seconds. The simple internal feeding mechanism greatly reduces the possibility of cassettes jamming in the printer. Cassettes are permanently marked and positively identified for their life.

The cassette is the only consumable. No inks, ribbons, printheads, filters, or extra consumables are necessary. The six cassette magazines each hold up to 60 cassettes, for a total of 360 without refilling. Cassettes load easily into each magazine, and come in handy pre-taped stacks for easy dispensing. All the operator does is fill and pull.

The LaserTrack PH6 Laser Cassette Printer’s reliability, print speed, cassette handling, and barcode printing expertise make it a great choice for today’s labs with high-volume cassette printing needs, and for those who want to use barcode technology to track tissue specimens in their labs.