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For over forty years, the folks at cab have been shaping the market when it comes to the development and manufacturing of devices and systems for product marking. From industrial label printers to automatic print and apply to laser marking, cab offers intelligent solutions for product and package marking. Very specific and unique label and marking situations is where cab excels best. 

cab And General Data, Shaping Innovation Together

As two owner-operated, independent family companies, General Data and cab offer intense customer focus and economic continuity.  Whether it is automotive industry, electronics, logistics, chemistry, pharmacy, textile, food, trading or services –  the partnership between General Data and cab excels in all lines of businesses. The product innovation that cab brings to the table has allowed General Data to provide deliver state-of-the-art solutions for it's customers. General Data's industry knowledge, combined with the new technologies from cab, equal unparalleled deliverables for their customers.

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