An Introduction to CognitiveTPG
Innovation Built To Last

CognitiveTPG is a worldwide innovation leader in barcode and transaction printer technology for the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, service and financial sectors. For over 35 years, CognitiveTPG has equipped customers with advanced products and services that deliver compact, economical and ultra-reliable printing solutions to ensure a maximum return on investment. CognitiveTPG differentiates itself through its delivery and dedication to producing quality, reliable, cost competitive and compatible printing solutions. Their expertise in hardware development has led to many industry firsts but it's their willingness and ability to provide custom solutoins that sets them apart.

General Data's Long Standing Partnership with CognitiveTPG

CognitiveTPG invented the first desktop label printer in 1986. Our long history with Cognitive as a premier partner has provided us with the ability and capability to deliver custom solutions including product modification, custom interfaces, firmware, and settings, new product development and OEM components.

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