How To Sell This – Linerless Labels

How To Sell This – Linerless Labels

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Companies are looking to all aspects of business to find more environmentally friendly solutions.  The corporate green initiative has been a growing trend throughout industries, and our Black Rhino Linerless labels will help your customers achieve their goals.  In the following video, we will discuss the benefits of these labels, as well as possible applications and questions to ask your customers. 

General Data’s Black Rhino Linerless labels a great choice for companies trying to improve upon their “green” zero-waste initiatives through the use of these innovative, waste-reduction products.   With the use of a special release coating that is applied to the face of the label, the labels can be wound on a roll without the adhesive sticking to the label below.  This process helps eliminate the liner, helping reduce the solid waste stream produced by ‘normal’ labels, creating a smarter and greener solution for companies.   Some of the applications our linerless labels have been used for include:

Asset tracking

Shipping and Receiving

Inventory management

Work in progress tracking

Although these are some applications the linerless labels have been used for previously, the following questions will help discover different applications.

Questions to ask:

1. How is the label applied?

Linerless labels are most commonly applied through print and apply, as well as peel and present applications.   Due to the lack of a liner, these labels are not suitable for hand application.

2. How is the label printed?

While you are able to have linerless labels pre-printed on most facestocks, the Black Rhino™ stock linerless labels are only available with Direct Thermal facestocks.

3. What is the quantity of labels needed? 

Due to the lack of a liner, our linerless labels allow up to 60% more labels per roll.  This helps decrease freight costs and application downtime due to roll changes.

By vetting these general questions for your customers, you will be able to determine if the Black Rhino™ Linerless labels – or any of our other products in the Black Rhino™ family – will be the best fit for the application at hand. 

If you would like to find out additional information regarding our Linerless labels, please feel free to contact your Channel Account Manager, send us an email or give us a call at the number listed.  We also invite you to watch our “The Black Rhino Herd Expands” webinar, which shows the benefits of the Linerless labels, as well as the rest of our stock label products.