SHURStain 2030 Linear Slide Stainer

SHURStain 2030 Product Overview

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The SHURStain 2030 slide stainer was designed intelligently to address crowded workspaces, the demand for speed, convenience, and lab versatility. 

This 20-station linear stainer can run up to 5 racks, for a total of 150 slides, simultaneously, and it can also run up to 20 different programs that include up to 50 programs each. It is the perfect instrument for H&E and PAP* staining, and also meets requirements for certain special and user-specified staining protocols. 

This small benchtop unit features a compact footprint of only 47x17x14, so it is ideal for labs with shallow counters or low cabinets.

The user can easily control the immersion time and speed and, additionally, reduce carryover by adjusting shake (or rate of dripping) and amplitude (or rate of vertical travel). The user can also customize water station positions to optimize workflow; up to three user-defined water stations allow for workflow customization and maximize efficiency to reduce staining times. 

The SHURStain 2030 is easy to learn and use. The multi-loading mode enables the stainer to perform up to five processes simultaneously. Nearly every processing parameter can be adjusted to dial-in staining protocols, which improves quality and prolongs reagent life. 

The 2030 offers up to 2 loading, 3 unloading, and 3 rinse stations, and also features a battery backup with a 2-hour lifecycle. Built-in PC software also allows the user to conveniently write, edit, start and stop protocols, manage reports, errors, and maintenance from their computer. 

Increase the productivity in your lab with the affordable, compact, easy to operate SHURStain 2030 Linear Stainer.